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Product Feature:1. Improve 20%compared to the other mixer of the same capacity, and the efficiency can be increased to 160 m3 per hour equipped with 120 mixing plant. 2. Imported motor reducing gear can save energy for 15%,and the air-tight seal on shaft end can saving lubricate fee of 20000 yuan RMB per year. 3. The unique pneumatic discharging and air-tight seal on shaft end can avoid oil pollution. 4. JS-series concrete mixer is mainly used for producing various grade concrete, it can produce hard concrete and low plastic concrete.Aggregate could be gravel or pebble. It is mainly used in kinds of concrete production line.Technical Parameters
Item          Type SjJS2000-5G SjJS3000-5G
Discharge capacity(L 2000 3000
Charge capacity(L 3200 4800
Working period(S ≤80 ≤86
Max. Aggregate size (mm) Gravel 60 60
Pebble 80 80
Total weight(kg 7970 9565
Mixing power(kw 2X37 2X55

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